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Use your grit and guile to rise to the top of the New West by capturing outlaws,
claiming bounties and training a team of trusted deputies!



Battle it out

Smash tiles to crush enemy outlaws for power over the New West! This free-for-all tile matching mechanic makes for a fresh take on match-3.

Collect hundreds of outlaws

There are hundreds of different outlaws roaming the New West. Each outlaw has its own unique set of capabilities–level them up, mutate them, and collect them all!

Build a squad

Experiment and strategize with different outlaw squads to have a leg up on your enemies! Outlaws can come with all different types of abilities–you just need to figure out which ones are right for you!


Join thousands of players from around the world to chat, strategize, and compete in guild wars and events!

Compete in guild wars and tournaments

Hunt down notorious outlaws with your guild for epic gameplay and prizes! Work as a team to gain guild loot, perks, and prestige!

Rise to the top

Level up for extra game perks and ranks on the leaderboard–become a legend among legends!